Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor Maine

New England has many defining characteristics, including its rich history, beautiful seascape, rolling countryside, and mouthwatering lobster! It may seem overwhelming to try and narrow down this large region into one or two vacation spots, but there is so much to do in each place that are sure to enjoy your surroundings no matter where you end up. Many people prefer to visit Maine, however, because of its diverse terrain, natural wildlife, and picturesque scenery.


Exemplifying these characteristics is the small, but substantial, town of Bar Harbor. Located on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, this town is well-known as a famous summer colony. While the island is relatively small, it is big in recreational appeal.

Protecting the island, as well the neighboring islands in the area, is the incredible Acadia National Park, sometimes referred to as ANP. The park contains a variety of terrain, including rugged mountains, beachy shorelines, woodlands, and even a collection of lakes.

On the eastern side of the island is the incredible Cadillac Mountain. Not only is this mountain the highest peak within 25 miles of the eastern coastline, but it is among the first areas of America to view the approaching sunrise on clear mornings. Many people trek to the top in order to view the nation’s first sunrise.

With an elevation of over 1,500 feet, it is the highest point in the county, and offers spectacular views to those who are able to reach the top. Cadillac Mountain offers hikers many different trails to reach the summit. Some of them are quite challenging, while others are fit for children or infrequent adventurers.

Inhabiting the mountainside, and other areas of Acadia National Park, are over 40 different species of exciting wildlife, in addition to the lively marine communities. Interesting mammal species include porcupines, beavers, black bears, bobcats, foxes, and coyotes, as well as white-tailed deer and elegant moose colonies.

For those more interested in the sea life of the area, visiting the Mount Desert Oceanarium should be at the top of your to do list. Maine is well known for its delicious lobster, and this oceanarium houses an interesting lobster hatchery where families can learn about this strange-looking animals. There is also a marsh walk available, and a picnic area to sit in when you are hungry for a break. The Mount Desert Oceanarium is also a big supporter of the save the whales campaign, intriguing visitors with interesting information about whale life.

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