Maps of New England

Maps of New England

Looking at a map of New England, you’re sure to see names you recognize not only from travel guides but from history books and lessons in school.

Massachusetts was one of the first colonies founded in the continental United States, and now boasts popular cities like Boston, Cambridge, and Lexington and Concord Come walk the cobblestone streets and enjoy stepping into a piece of history. If your interest is piqued by some of the more scandalous stories our country’s history has to offer, you can visit Salem and learn about the Salem Witch Trials right where they happened.

New Hampshire also has some cities that probably look familiar, like Manchester and Dover. If you took a trip across the pond to England, you’d find cities with the exact same names, as the Pilgrims and Puritans were trying, indeed, to make a “New England” in America when they first arrived.

Maine boasts beautiful views and some incredible seafood fisheries as well as well-known cities like Portland and Bangor.

Capping off the map of New England, you’ll see Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, all famous for their own reasons, but most of all, for existing as a piece of history as an escape from a tyrannical church and the freedom that the United States so proudly stands for today.

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