Gloucester Massachusetts

Gloucester Massachusetts

Gloucester is located on Cape Ann, which is on the northern side of the state. Consequently, it’s considered part of Massachusetts North Shore and is a very popular place to be in the summer – one of the town’s nicknames is “The Place To Be In The Summer,” so it’s rather unsurprising that Gloucester functions as a resort town. It also is an important hub city for the fishing industry.

One of the main draws to this area of the country in general is how naturally beautiful the surroundings are. People come from all over the world to spend some time in Gloucester, and artists are especially drawn to the incredible scenery. The Cape Ann Historical Museum almost acts more as an art repository as compared to a traditional history museum, as the history of the area has so much to do with the artistic life it has fostered. One of the major attractions of the area is the Rocky Neck Art Colony, which is America’s oldest working art colony. A lot of paintings and sculpture, in particular, come out of Gloucester. In addition, movie buffs that liked The Perfect Storm might be interested to know that the on-site location for the film was Gloucester!

One of the more interesting historical attractions that the town offers is Dogtown Commons, which is actually the site of an abandoned settlement that exists in the middle of the town. The land here was settled in the seventeenth century, but was abandoned shortly after the War of 1812. The interest of the area is only compounded when you take in the “Babson Boulders,” which are sayings carved into rocks around the area. Individuals were employed during the Great Depression to make these boulders, and such carved gems as “Never try, never win” still exist in the area today.

Gloucester is a beautiful place to come to if you’d like to sit back, soak up some of the oldest recorded history that the U.S. has to offer, and enjoy some beautiful surroundings. Gloucester is one of the premier resort towns in the entirety of New England – come visit to find out why!

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