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Many people associate New Hampshire with the impressive Dartmouth College, which finds its home in this New England state. New Hampshire is not just a place for scholars and academics, however, as mountaineers, surfers, fishers, and outdoorsmen of many kinds also feel at home in this region. One popular summer hot spot in this area is the city of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth gets its name because of the seaport that lies on its coast. The port used to be very important to the development of our country, and history buffs will enjoy visiting the many museums that sprinkle the city. This area is full of culture and has a rich and relevant past, making it an educational, as well as beautiful, place to visit.
Market Day Square

Market Square Days in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Farmers Markets New Hampshire

Farm Stands Galore in New Hampshire

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Prescott Park - Portsmouth New Hampshire

An Afternoon at Prescott Park

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Portsmouth New Hampshire

Portsmouth New Hampshire

Portsmouth New Hampshire

Those looking to get an outdoor education will also be satisfied with Portsmouth. Explore the old port area on a boat by taking part in the Peirce Island Boat Launch. There are many options available for riding the waves, including commercial boats for those who want to sit back and relax while they sightsee. Those who prefer to be in control of their expedition will enjoy the kayak and canoe options, while more adventurous types can look into jet skis and sailboats.

When you’re ready to take a break from the high seas, you can stroll through the breath taking Prescott Park. This park is lined along the Piscataqua River, and is free to all who wish to enjoy its scenery. Included in the park are ten acres of luscious flower gardens, including colorful beds of tulips. There are a number of trails that trace through the park, as well as grassy knolls with seating for those who’d like to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine. Other popular features of the park include a rose garden and a wall made entirely of flowers.

In addition to the scenery at the park, this location hosts many exciting events. Concerts and other musical events take place here, as well as art and dance festivals. Seafood fans would highly enjoy the yearly fish and lobster event, as well. Enjoy the sights and add a little fun and excitement into your vacation by taking advantage of all this city has to offer.

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